As I travel through life

On a ~twisting~churning~


I remember…


I remember love most of all.

(Security) and ((Warmth))

I believe I’ve always been loved

By almost everyone…


I remember pain.

For what childhood is without it?


I remember being alone

Cast off and ignored sometimes.

It never really bothered me.

(I created my own world…)

I could find a million things to do

(((All By Myself)))

Whenever I had to~


~And I began to prefer it.


I created a thick shell for myself

And I was happy. 🙂


I remember when I first looked


a small hole

~and saw You…

Then you saw me!


You pursued me~

~And slowly but surely

You chipped away at my shell…

I found refuge and comfort in you.




and My Self.

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