Waste Not, Want Not

Act 1: Farmers Market

Sniff sniff smile, vine ripened tomatoes

Scratch scratch squeeze, hand-picked  lemons

Act 2: Urban Kitchen

Wash and prep, peel  and dice

Stir and season, into the salad bowl you go

Save the seeds for the rest of the show

Act 3: Concrete Jungle

City house, no yard, sketchy soil not meant for edible gardens

Salvaged seeds, rinsed and buried in pretty planters

Sleeping soundly, bathing in sunshine

Peeking slowly, stretching for support

Act 4: DIY Kitchen Scrap Garden

Weeks and weeks of scorching sun

Battling with hummingbird moths and green monster worms

Wishing for bees or breezes, hand pollinating instead

From seeds they sprouted, growing tall, bearing fruit

Ready for the next food adventure

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