HOUR 6 The Necrotizing Nocturne

The Necrotizing Nocturne


Within our inner subterranean sanctum our victim lies.

Without the comfort afforded a man of stature such as he.

My Valkyrie observes on in stoic regard of that which we created,

The protagonist of our undisclosed retribution rouses in suspicion.

Pulses of uncontrollable tremor wrack the would-be leaders bound limbs.

Beginnings of sublime blood emanate from the ocular orifice’.


Within our own devoid existences, we revel in the carnage commenced.

Without the pleasure of anesthesia, the subject of our dark desires descends.

My Valkyrie continues her silent rapture as the scene continues to unfold.

The protagonist continues his exsanguination and at our murderous intent.

Pulses of never escalating in crimson ascent of madness inducting agony.

Beginnings of the euphoric finality that lies in tortured death begin.


Within our twinned souls, our hands meet, the labors or our torment bearing fruit.

Without the unrewarding reprieve, our victim writhes in terror.

My Valkyrie trembles and the sight unfolding in a theatrical display of gore.

The protagonist increases his cries in escalating crescendo of pain.

Pulses behind his eyes giving way to the satisfactory detonation of ocular discharge.

Beginnings of the overture in suffering that rings delectable to our ears.


Suffering not yet peaked.

Satisfaction commencing.

Twin souls becoming one.

The Merging of bodily Mayhem.


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