another introduction ~

Hi all ~

This will be my fourth marathon, although last year’s was a bust due to a serious family illness. I had to drop out before I really started. I was sooo disappointed.

This year, I’m settled in a new state, in a new chapter of my life. I’ve been a writer of one sort or another all my life — primarily poetry, but I also write non-fiction. I’ve published both, as well as journalism & academic writing. My work background is as eclectic as my writing: journalism, academia, the arts & humanities. Writing has been a doorway for me into all kinds of places & jobs.

My plan for this marathon (actually half-marathon; I do not function well on no sleep) is to just do the prompts. What I found in years 1 & 2 was that I just had to trust the process. Oh — and have a LOT of good coffee and/or Thai iced tea to help keep me going!

Here’s to poets, and their brilliantly coloured voices!

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