“…I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now…”

It’s been seven years since I first introduced myself to this incredible group. And I’m still writing poetry, still putting it out there, still finding (sometimes!) homes for what crystallises from my inner chaos. I love my annual participation in the Half Marathon: I’ve made so many friends! Not to mention that each year, at least a couple of the pieces I draft (in the 12 hours I suspend my disbelief that I can do this) are published.

I live in Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We moved here 4+ years ago, to be w/ my son, DIL, and 2 grandsons. I’ve never been happier. I find myself writing about this new landscape, the foggy mountainscape, the different birds & chipmunks & voles… I’m very lucky we moved before last year’s madness.

Here’s hoping that this year is brighter than last, and that we all complete our work!

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