Prompt #9: use a minimum of 5 of 10 words given

‘summer night…perfection of thought…’

   with apologies to Wallace Stevens ~


Despite the rain, the fireflies flicker.

At the treeline, they hang in branches

diamante on blue so dark it burns.

Our house becomes a cottage

in the dark, shrinks strangely

in the summer heat, its recent build

only a mask for four walls and a fence.

A gentle lethargy falls on us – velvety,

still. Cicadas sing, moths dart into light.

The night descends.

5 thoughts on “Prompt #9: use a minimum of 5 of 10 words given

  1. I loved this poem! Well done Britton. This is full of beautiful imagery and alliteration. I was quickly pulled into the poem at “Despite the rain, the firelies flicker.” Beautiful alliteration and I have seen that too! I love how you describe the sudden tiredness…”a gentle lethargy falls on us-velvety.” Beautiful description!

  2. The first line raises my curiosity, –what is coming next? this is an interesting poem and the “next” flows nicely. I especially like that the ending settles softly. The question has been answered and the world is righted. Nice.

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