lights, camera, action

she’s so glamorous!
a gem, a bauble, a sparkly toy.
her mouth is perfectly pink, rounded
in all the right places, slightly puffed
out and wanting to be kissed.
her eyes; green, bright, dishonest,
they’ve seen some things that weren’t
as beautiful as she.
hair curled and made stiff with spray,
moves not an inch around her neck.
upon her ears dangle diamonds
and rubies borrowed from the jeweler.
she walks into the studio where
everyone starts to buzz around her,
finally able to work, get the shot,
be done for the day.
she stifles a yawn, makeup is applied
by a young woman in jeans, who tells her,
don’t smile yet.
which makes her burst out in a grin.
I have to work on her mouth again, the
makeup artist calls out,
and everyone groans.

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