Walk into Eternity

When my final day comes,

my long walk upon this Earth ends,

I will not dread.

Life is a dream,

a dream from which all must wake.


Whatever reward lay on the other side,

whatever judgement awaits me,

I will face it tall and proud.

Maimed in life I have been.

Maimed of body,

not mind or soul.


If Odin awaits,

or cursed Hela in her halls of the damned,

or a vast emptiness left in the throws of Ragnarök,

I go forth bodly.

My race finished.

My battle done.

Lost or won,

I gave my best.

Cursing the night with my final breath.


Bring me eternity.

My soul is prepared.

Up sails!

Our oars!

The next adventure is come!

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