The Warrior (written for Hour 3)

The sleeping fighter

has opened her eyes,

finally awakening

to her potential.

She has screamed


In silence

for too long,

and it is now time

to speak

and let her voice be heard.

She picks up her shield

of inner peace,

cracks and chips visible,

but showing signs of healing.

Reaching down,

her fingers linger lovingly

on the hilt of the most beautiful sword,

born from tears and years of experience.

Lifting it up,

she admires the way the memories

have been built into it’s blade,

and knows that there are more

to be forged within.

She sheathes the weapon at her side,

and then clothes herself to meet the day.

Her face and her skin determined,

not showing forth the battle scars

that lie within,

her eyes the only window

to that shadowed landscape.

She bows her head

and takes a breath,

then stands tall,

squaring her shoulders.

It is time to answer the call.

She has been placed on this earth

to live life,

good or bad,

to make mistakes,

to do things right,

to show love and compassion,

and to navigate the ever-changing world.

Never alone,

she has support

and hope,

and each day is a new adventure.

Bring it on.

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