#23 – A Human Anomaly

Manifest the buoyancy of breath beyond time,
beyond the whispers of those before and those not quite yet.
A place where substance originates as shadow
and symbols are dismantled within the tears of mankind.
The place where light is not luminescence but an absence of dark
and darkness is not the omission of light but the abscission of hope.

Be faithful to the ways of elders, as you forge new entries,
new boundaries unknown to the prior guardians of youth,
their guidance is structural not judgment, nor, ideology.
My father broke away from his father, as I broke away from him,
to assess a world new to my being and half-hidden to all fathers.
Truth lies among unseen connections, yet, it remains the grand illusion

Do not seek yourself within others, more likely, they are within you,
within your projection of their beings broadcast into the ether,
reflected and bent throughout on invisible curvatures of egotism.
Beware the prisons of logic and the dichotomy of breathing life,
in minutiae is seen quilted patterns of thought appearing as truth
disregarding the myriad fractal illustrations creating existence.

Living is seen as movement and the allusive direction of motion,
as all universal structures hurtle toward destruction, man survives
in isolation, a figment of his imagination and righteousness.
Failing the evidence of nothing, voids become bloated deceptions,
inducing belonging and camaraderie with the unexplainable
through threaded strings of physics and god(s) and self-ignorance.

Living is seen as movement, and, love, the peace of stillness,
borne of the heart in visceral exultation, affecting its possession
Nothing is possessed; There is nothing to possess; All is nothing.
Within nonexistence resides the beauty and ability of sight.
Within our nihilistic blindness, light mingles with the darkness of space,
and, we belong to all things, in all ways, without self’s pretensions.

We are vessels re-purposed to receive the sediments of presence,
temporary shelters and feeding mechanisms for creatures
and entities and mysteryial magics to hold for moments, then release
The relinquishment is love, the acquisition is life, knowing is peace.
I am a being only through thought, for which there is no cure,
yet, my being obfuscates thought, mimicking things more tangible

I am the wind, an invisible force and energy, constructed of whispering
I am the oceans, a collection of billions of particles casually assembled
I am fire, endlessly consuming the essence of life’s sustenance to survive
I am man, the consummation of the Mother and the Father, transcending
Me, the nothing to myself, and, the everything to those things about me
Me, the treacherous enemy of peace, and, the devoutest seeker of its caress

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