Hour Three – A Place of Pain

A Place of Pain


From where does your poetry flow?

Is it from the crematoria that sucked up

Countless corpses of your type

Gulped by yesterday’s pandemic?


Or from the Mediterranean

Drinking the blood of youngsters

Fleeing failure’s web?


Or the mass graves

Swallowing millions

Felled by terror-mongers

In peacetime?


These lines that run so deep

Where do they come from?


These bloodied lines

Dripping from your pen

Tainting your pages

Must be from a place of pain

For I read the sorrow in your words.

2 thoughts on “Hour Three – A Place of Pain

  1. You could have been writing to me. Great descriptors of the pain that produces poetry. I tend to alternate by penning whimsical lines so I do not stay in “a place of pain.”
    Thank you.

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