Hour Eleven – Forgiveness



Forgive me.

I seem to have

fallen in love with a

Forest Ranger.


I say forgive me,

because when I say

Love. And I say

Forest Ranger – you may think:

Ohhhh. Uh Huh. Guy in gumboots

with plenty of Sourdough

starter spread around his cabin!


You may think: I’ll bet that girl’s on

Cloud Nine, and ready to plant Periwinkle

around some hand-built cabin

on the mountainside. Maybe start up a small

storefront to sell the needle-point hangings

I’ll be framing.


Forgive me, but that is not my Sweetie.

Yes, she is a Forest Ranger. But – she climbs

to work every day up 15 flights of a skyscraper

in the city. She beats everyone in her biking group

on their commute downtown.


And . . . she makes the best Sourdough bread

in the neighborhood.

Forgive me. We ate the last of the

loaf for dinner – and

I don’t have any left to share!

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