Hour Seven – Lab Results

Lab Results


For the first time

in my life – I pray

to be somewhere in

the Normal Range!

I study those bracketed numbers

on the right-hand side

of the lab results. The values

that dictate where my

blood levels should be.


Should be.

Hope to be.


Some of the names blur on the page:






The report notes

which day my blood

was harvested – leaving

me to feel like

over-ripe fruit that

may not ship well

to markets.


At this time in my life

I pray for normal!

Send messages to the universe – in that way that

recovering Catholic girls tend to pray:

more whispers to great spirit and goddesses,

than memorized catechism.

More bowing to the sacred

in each moment. Finding blessings

in the garden on this June morning.





6 thoughts on “Hour Seven – Lab Results

  1. At first I didn’t know where you were going with “normal range.” Was it tongue-in-cheek? Or was it a serious poem about blood work? As you went on, it didn’t matter. I just loved it, especially the phrase about feeling like “over-ripe fruit that may not ship well to markets.”

  2. How well we know this bloodwork drill in our household. I love the way you presented it here — not too portentous and not giving the reader the results, either. And all is response to the “normal” prompt!

  3. I love this poem, Colleen! Replete with emotional anxiety and tension, and yet also a sense of optimism, hope, and gratitude for the blessings of life. The joys of a garden. A brave poem. Thank you!

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