Hour Ten – Thanksgivukkah




This year, Hanukkah begins on Sunday, November 28th.  In other words, in the US, just as we scrape the last of the Thanksgiving potatoes from the containers in the back of the fridg – it will be time to heat up the oil and make latkes. Thus: Thanksgivukkah!


This is the poem that I wish could be a short, graphic piece with lots of cute

stick-figure family members, Stars of David, Menorahs, Christmas trees, and lights.


This is the poem that tells the story of:

Catholic (but not really, anymore) girl

marries Jewish boy.

Time goes by and they find themselves with two

Jewish-Irish sons who decide it would be fun

to be born at the same time as Hanukkah and Christmas

and those cute boys have lots of relatives wondering:

What’s Up!?!


This is the poem, which (sorry) I don’t know how to add graphics to,

that lets you know we made it!


This stick-figure family (secretly us!) has managed to muddle through many years of:

Thanksgiving (Oh yes – our little family is vegetarian, so no stick-figure Turkeys!) Eight Nights of Hanukkah, which come on different days every year, Winter Solstice – which the Mommy in this family loves, and a patched-together Christmas gathering for the extended family who always wants a tree! We should probably add a stick-figure Buddha, and ancient Celtic symbols.


In the sequel to my graphic piece here – you will discover that eventually a grandson was born. He knew it was very clever to combine everything into one giant pile of presents, so he was also born in mid-December, on the same day as his uncle. This boy is a very talented artist, so someday you may actually see the graphic version of this story.


And – then – another clever grandson was born. He knew that if you just wait for February to be born – you won’t have to eat left-over latkes on your Birthday!


Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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