What is it All For

What is it all for,  what is all this really for?

For things I’m told,  though the world provides for us in a mysterious way.

Reach out your hands.

We have to make money so we can eat,  that is true.

Plant a garden and watch it bloom.

We must pay bills to have heat,  it is called fire wood.

What about water,  it is called natural Springs, the wood will heat it so we may bathe,  and cook as well.

What is all the rush for?

Who will own the nicest biggest home,  and the nicest car to drive,  maybe I’m living out of my time.

What will happen if someday the economy crashes down?

What will Millions of people be left with?

Rushing off to work,  listening to the boss man yell. Some tales I could tell..

There is whole lot more to life than this,  I call it spiritual life,  planting a garden, my bliss.

All this stuff we cannot take with us on our next journey.

So what is all it for?  Just to have the best in life,  well my family,  and friends, and root and trees, the flowers and buds. The home I have is enough.

Cause when I leave this world,  I leave my  family legacy, and that’s all I need…

C. Burgess (c)


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