I am back for a second half-marathon!

Welcome to all the new-to-the-marathon folks! I have only participated in one but loved it! I guess I will re-introduce myself, too. When I last entered I had six published YA novels and now have two more to add to the list. Because I was busy last year with edits to the two books, I did not have as much time for poetry. I didn’t even have time to enter the CV2-2-Day Poem contest this year. But, as a host of our local literary Open Mic, I am still immersed in poetry and other genres and that often inspires me to jot a line or two. I have been preparing for June 22 by practicing using the prompts and tomorrow will get up in time for the 6am start on the West Coast and with coffee in hand will try a few random prompts so that I will be ‘ready’ for the following week! Looking forward to hanging out in a poetic way with all of you!

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