Prompt 13, Hour Ten

gone with the wind

she appreciates the concrete –
terra firma beneath her feet

the fir-lined horizon
a welcome sight

after so long at sea –
a wandering bark

blue on blue
for months on end

(interrupted only by a hush
of whispers in the fog)

no place to dock
until today – now she stands

coffee and a moonbeam
in hand, the canteen

teeming with fishermen
buying tackle and bait

but they’ll have to wait,
put their advances on the shelf

with her coffee cup –
only the wind at her back

(that damn sea-spray
calling her by name)

only the wind at her back
– always leaving

8 thoughts on “Prompt 13, Hour Ten

    1. Thanks, rainmaker! This was the prompt where we had to use at least five of the ten words – being a regular participant in the CV -2 2-day poem contest, I found it fairly easy to use all ten!! Practice helps! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks again! Good luck as you continue on tonight!

  1. Cristy, I love these ‘common prompt’ poems as I like to call them … where everyone writes to the same thing. Have you seen the variety in stories, arrangements of words, ideas … Some favorite lines from yours that stood out to me as so different from many others:
    ‘she appreciates the concrete –
    terra firma beneath her feet’;
    ‘ a hush
    of whispers in the fog’;
    and the repeating line ‘only the wind at her back… always leaving.’
    You are a natural story-teller, I can see. Thank you!

  2. Thank you, again Sarah! This one is continuing to resonate with me, so I may even use at as one of my two. Need to read and comment on others before I choose mine, but I do enjoy seeing the journeys people take these words on!! If you haven’t done the CV2-2-day poem contest before, consider it for next year (10 words and 48 hours to create a poem)! It is loads of fun, too! 🙂

  3. Thanks, Katelyn! I am sorry I am so late in replying but as soon as school ended last Thursday I had to drive to California for a funeral. Just got home. Will begin commenting on others today and tomorrow!! 🙂

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