Prompt 14, Hour 11

Dear Cristy, Sitting at the Hairdressers, 1984

Don’t do it!
Only two days before the drive
across the Rockies,
through the pass

a ferry ride
to the island, then drive
up the curving highway

home to my second home –
back to Comox
for your wedding.

(Thankfully, your marriage continues
to outlast my hairstyles)

I repeat – don’t do it!
Days before the practice –
the walk down the aisle
to turn and smile as
you make your way

to the future. The photos
that night, in your parent’s
basement – the photos
on THE DAY – pink

and burgundy.
Your long, blonde locks;
your sister’s long, blonde locks –
80’s hair, where everyone

had long, softly curled locks.

Don’t do it!
Days before the wedding,
before the play-list of your
favourite songs, before the food

tables lined with pot-luck
before the first

don’t let that beady-eyed
hairdresser shear your
longer than shoulder-length
hair to just above your ear –

don’t let that nasty-toothed
hairdresser put your silky
auburn locks in
little orange rollers,

permed to a
forever captured
on polaroid –

that belies
your spirit.

4 thoughts on “Prompt 14, Hour 11

  1. Thanks, Susmita! I tried your suggestion, but as I wanted the humour/fun to come through in the poem, the hyperbolic tone of ‘don’t do it!’ still seemed to fit better for me. I appreciate your thoughts, though!! Cheers back! It was great fun!

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