9:00 AM – Frustrated (Hour 1)

Frustrated (9:00 AM  – Hour 1)

~ D², @d2poetry


I am trying to move

Where things force me to stop

I rise

But gravity causes me to drop

I veer left

When inertia pulls me right

I want to fall asleep

But never at night

I hunger for food

With no appetite

I am so thirsty

With no quenching fluid in site

I want a lover

But I have no one to hold me tight


~ D², 06.26.21, 9:06 AM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2021.
© All Rights Reserved.

One thought on “9:00 AM – Frustrated (Hour 1)

  1. You could not have picked a more accurate title for this poem. The more I read, the more I felt my own frustration. My biggest hit of frustration came when I read “I want to fall asleep/But never at night.” Great job capturing the feeling in this poem!

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