Disappearing Act (3:00 PM) – edit done (Hour 7)

~ D², @d2poetry

Can I get lost-
in you?

Can I enter inside
every motivation
that led to your creation while
my existence forgotten?

Can I absorb every detail
that fleshes out the outlines
tracing your
beginning to end?

Can I swim in the rhythm
of your themes
your lessons
drowning out my obsessions?

Can I collapse into your plot holes
digging out with
my reason surrendered?

Can I flood your words
in my brain, while the
channels give way
so mine escape?

Can I dissect
your every section,
measure up mine
in comparison
being okay
when outshined?

Can I immerse myself
into your glory,
while ignoring my story?

Can I just get lost
for a few precious moments
in this book?

~ D², 06.22.19, 3:24 PM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2019.
© All Rights Reserved

PUI suggestion by Kelli KB
PUI: Disappearing Act
This suggestion was to write on love affairs. I wrote on how I love to get lost in fiction books/novels.

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