Earworm (4:00 AM) – edit done (Hour 20)

~ D², @d2poetry

trying to focus but
ol’ R&Bs
are in head bouncing

got me going around
in circles
round and round I go

try to stop it
opted to lean wit’ it and

Let the beat hit ’em
let the music take control
Let it take ’em
up and down and
round and round

overwhelmingly frenetic encounters

Mrs. Mrs. Jones
We’ve got a thing
Going on

brain all messed up
a cyclical vapid insidious mush

That Laffy Taffy
Shake that Laffy Taffy

grateful that its
not “99 bottles” of beer

Oh, great, I got to

Take one down and pass it around

99 bottles of….

~ D², 06.23.19, 4:43 AM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2019.
© All Rights Reserved

PUI suggestions by Symon FEnix
PUI: Earworm
The suggestion was to create a piece with some of the listed artists or genres. I turned it into an R&B Earworm.

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