It Depends (10:00 PM) (Hour 14)

~ D², @d2poetry

What matters most
shifts with time,
and purpose

At 10, toys
At 15, boys
At 20, cars
At 25, money
At 30, men
At 35, family
At 40, freedom
At 45, peace
At 50, I count it all joy

When I am sleepy,
I need rest

When I am hungry,
I need food

When I am restless,
I need entertainment

When I am lonely,
I need a friend

When a novice,
I need instruction

When experienced,
I need to train

When motivated by the world,
I need power, sex, and/or money

When motivated by Jesus,
all I need it to call His Name


~ D², 06.22.19, 10:19 PM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2019.
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