11:00 p.m The new birth!

Last summer before his return was dry,

she felt like a scorched field or a thirsty fly.

One day her dad said: ” the bargain is done. You’ll be married.

We’re on verge. There’s a good dowry, who’ll care?”.

“What? You have promised..”

” It is up to me to give a promise and to break it”

“You said “no”. Sit in barn, Change your mind, make it”

In refusing of food she was prisoned

by hands of her parents. The thought was poisonous.

She managed to keep control over her trembling will:

one night she jumped out of window and run behind nearest hill,

where she found a small farm with an old pair

eagily to invite or to hire her or to take care.

Time passed speedily in a new routine on new land

under the same dictate of being a helping hand.

She could not forget her beloved hero promised and waited for so long…

She was singing one prayer and song….

In the time of his return he was desperately seeking her,

her mood rised as wind higher or low.

She was a woman of waiting in unlimited frames

only she could endure a patience and no one to blame.

She kept secretly his shirt given as a pledge of fidelity

perfumed with his smell and making her fell instability.

One day someone knocked the farm ‘s door

she opened it and loosing consciousness fell on the floor.

He saved her from the bottom of meaningless dragging out of well,

he showed her other lands sweeter than in fairy tale

She gave birth to a child in threshold of day and night,

from summer to autumn, from darkness of belly to day light.

It was a planned and desirable child from the beginning,

it was a new happy circle of life in its spinning.



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