Firefly (#11)

Winter has been long and cold
No sign of you in the marshes of Malaysia
So I left
And here I remain

The glass jar is cozy enough
Warm rain falls through holes in the roof
Reminiscent of the swamp

I glow
Yellow, then green, then
Pale red
I try them all, to draw you near

I do not think I am of the tribe
Femme fatale
I promise I won’t eat you
(Wings crossed)
Who can blame the brain made drunk by pheromones?
Don’t be afraid

Follow the blinking beacon to my side
Nectar awaits

I cannot fly to you

2 thoughts on “Firefly (#11)

  1. Oh Davita I adore this! A poem from the perspective of a firefly seeking her mate? So unexpected but instantly evident. The part about changing the colors to draw him nearer touched my heart! Especially since I’m dying my hair as I type this comment, hahaha.

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