Intimacy (Hour 16, #4)



She places his cup of hazelnut tea with honey,

In the chipped mug, his favorite, that bears their likeness and that of their favorite gondolier,

Echoes of their trip to Venice,

Near his left hand.


She bends to inhale the new Dior

Gifted his birthday last,

Her favorite

Touches the curls at his nape,

Slides along the scar with tender fingertips,

Where kitty accidentally tested her new claws

Caresses the new gray hairs coiling around the old black in the center of his head

She blesses the spot with a knowing kiss and faint smile,

Vows to keep this secret undisclosed, even to him


She turns to leave and without looking up, one hand still on his book,

He winds the other arm around her waist, drawing her in,

Nuzzling the silk-sheathed curve of her breast

She revels in his gratitude, shivers at the implied promise of ‘later’

Whispered in the air between


He returns, she slips away

Cat at her slippered heels, devoted

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