Temptation (#11, Hour 23) [sestina]


The statue of David, still yet erotic

Inanimate glory yet captivating

Not unlike the doomed firefly

Yearning for water

A gilded lily

Celebrated in absence of its true essence


Separate the plant from its essence

In hopes of duplicating or creating the erotic

Like the lingering scent of a lily

As captivating

As deep water

Incandescent firefly


We never think of how they dance, the firefly

On display, their essence

Twinkles like stars on water

Vaguely erotic

Always captivating

Not unlike an odorless lily


Tiger lily

Full of sweet nectar, beautiful like the firefly

Even more captivating

The scent of its essence

Embodies the erotic

Behind ears, behind knees, lavished on water


Thirst is quenched solely with water

Survival depends on it, for the lily

Necessary for life, unlike the erotic

Unlike the firefly

The building block of life its essence

Quietly, diligently, captivating


Often no rhyme or reason to that which is captivating

Mundane yet powerful like water

Nothing remains deprived of its essence

Wedding bouquet, resplendent with the white lily

Fleeting as the bound firefly

Effortlessly, modestly erotic

You are as captivating as the tiger lily

Sensuous as water, elusive as a firefly

A mere dab of your essence calls forth all that is erotic

6 thoughts on “Temptation (#11, Hour 23) [sestina]

  1. Who does as Sestina at ridiculous o’clock in the morning? You do! And it’s so good. I love the line about David, the phrase “Sensuous as water, elusive as a firefly.” “survival depends on it for the lilly,” and “mundane yet powerful as water”. There’s so many good lines it’s hard to pick just a couple really. Sestina’s are so hard to pull off and you really did.

    1. Thanks, Caitlin. I was being ambitious but helped along greatly by our friends the sestina generator! I love that thing – it helps to just focus on word choice and the story that you want to tell or see unfold. My eyes were crossing but I love the final result.

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