City Sidewalk

I saw him walking years ago, in the city with his dog in tow.

where were they going, where had they been?

He was pushing a grocery buggy so slow,

With all their belongings within.


Where would they rest, where would they sleep?

Would they even get anything to eat?

The sun would soon slip away as night began to creep.

I’m not even sure he had shoes on his feet.


I can’t imagine how empty he must have felt inside,

Or how he came to be at this point in his life.

Silently I asked God in prayer,

To be with this man and his dog out there!


2 thoughts on “City Sidewalk

  1. Thank you, I love to write poetry and it flows like a waterfall sometimes. I will never forget this poor gentleman and his German shepherd, it touched my heart profoundly! I never did get to help them out, I was younger then and only riding in the back seat of the car as we passed them. I have although helped other homeless folks since then.

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