Hard Luck!

Night has fallen, not one Moonbeam can pierce the fog,

That has slowly closed in around me.

I’ve had my fishing pole off the shelf for awhile now,

Surely something will bite,

For my line has been in the water for what seems like an eternity!

Enjoying the last of my hot coffee

Out of my canteen, as coyotes howl into the night.

All is still now, as a hush falls across the mighty fir trees,

that surround this massive Lake

Waves almost lull  me to sleep as they lap to shore with ease.

Guess I might pack it in as this is going pretty slow.

the only bites I’m getting are from the hungry swarm of damn mosquitoes!

Oh for Pete’s sake, got my sock wet as I slipped off my rock.

Walking back in the misty darkness my pained voice echoes to and fro.

For i have managed to stub my toe on the concrete dock!

I’M DONE!!!!



2 thoughts on “Hard Luck!

  1. Thank you! I’m honored you enjoyed it. I usually like to put a picture Ive taken with each of my poems as I do on my group called, “The Heart Speaks,” on Facebook, it’s a closed group but can be joined. So glad I was able to create a scene and illuminate The imaginations of others without a picture at all. I appreciate your comments, have a great day!

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