We sat on the front porch
and waited for the cars to drive by
From the left were hers
From the right were mine
a poor children’s game

She got the first
a banana yellow sports car
always she got the flash

The second was mine
a battered up Ford
always I got the trucks

But while she yammered on
about the engine strength
and sleek lines

I thought of the man
in the truck
How he had on a…

“Porche!” she screamed.
pumping her fist up and down.

And my mind wandered back
to the man in the truck
and how in my imagination
he felt more
like home.

[Prompt 12: First line or last line of a book taken from a shelf at random. You’ve Got Something Coming by Jonathan Starke. First line: Trucks waited outside the children’s home. He had on a…”]

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