She trudged through the muck
her gumboots
buried in
slurping filth with each step

a jar of sourdough starter
tucked under her arm
the lifeblood to feed
the next generation

her heart beat
at a mouse’s rate
as she thread the needle
through thick and vine

she longed to see
a single cloud upon the sky
but no such open spread
lay upon her vision

instead she trundled on
through the undergrowth
hoping for the light of dawn
hoping for them all

[Prompt 11: Write a poem using at least 5 of the following 10 words/phrases: Forest Ranger, Skyscaper, Periwinkle, sourdough, Cloud, needle, gumboots, beat, spread, storefront]

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  1. Wow, Denise. I love this story you are telling of the gumbooted traveler nurturing her sourdough through this trek. I want to read more of her adventure. I liked this prompt, as well. It was such a strange group of words to create a poem. I’m sure each one stands unique.

    Denise, it was so great to see you last night! Thank you for sharing.

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