Finals Week

While it may not be official
it’s the sweetest holiday to me
the final week of classes
before winter break

The clackity-clack of the keys
as students pound out
their final thoughts
documenting sources MLA

One by one
they shuffle to the printer
as it moans under the workload
hundreds of mediocre pages

The celebratory mini-stapler
my name and office number
inked on its side
clip-pips another masterpiece

Nicely done, I say
with a handshake, hug, high-five
Have a wonderful break
You deserve it!

What surprises me most
is how some hang back
unable to end it all
by walking out the door

They linger, chat about what’s next
simply want to hold timeless
the comfort of the familiar
the known

Get on with your life, I say
Shooing them out the door

The greatest celebration
isn’t that they’re gone
but knowing they have
moved on

[Prompt 10: Write poem about any holiday in December/early January.]

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