Dearest Patti

These are the black shells that washed up from the ocean
as you were leaving.
See? I have them here on this little shelf turned altar.
Here is your photo with Becky and the dogs.
Here is the angel you drew
when you learned of the cancer.

This is the dryer ball in the shape of a hedgehog.
Remember when I sent that to you?
You said the bouncing sound in the dryer made you laugh
and that made me happy.
Somehow Michael knew to send it back to me afterward.
Anyone would wonder why a dryer ball belongs on an altar.

It is sacred.

And here are your words sweeping across the sky –
the way you signed your letters
with a flourish:
Peace. Love. Patti.
I repeat these words and they transform:

Here. Now. Forever.

13 thoughts on “Dearest Patti

  1. This is so beautifully heart wrenching without being overly sentimental. That’s a tough balance. This is a powerful line: “It is sacred.” It is because of the people and their relationship, not just because of the object itself. It is a symbol.

  2. A truly beautiful poem. Showing through meaningful symbols the power of the relationship, the feelings. Simple language, strong emotion. Resonant, poignant and powerfully constructed. Thank you so much.

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