One day folds into the next
and I am disoriented
by so much time, so little time
At night, my dreams are haunted
by face masks, germs
and nasal swabs.

What time is it now?

Sometimes I think
how much I will age
before my next pub drink with friends
and that I might not see my dad again
and then I distract myself
filling hummingbird feeders
scrubbing the sink
watching protests on the news.

What time is it now?

We can use this pause
if we seize the moment:
dismantle racist structures
pay attention to the planet
focus on peace
but we cannot wait another minute

What time is it now?

6 thoughts on “Pandemic

  1. I love this poem and the bop style is perfect for this topic of the Pandemic. The repeated line of, “What time is it now?’ is so appropriate and so on key with how people are feeing. You put the pulse of the pandemic-and peoples’ reactions into his poem! The last stanza is so impactful-possible resolution/solution…”but we cannot wait another minute!” Excellent!

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