4 Wasn’t I?

I’ve buried a dozen emotions,
for the twisted thing ego.
I release them upon the women and children I invade,
using the hours I spend tending broken souls.
I too, was a child once.

I’ve knitted a dozen newborn blankets,
For my children who I’ll leave out in the cold
If they do not see the same God-face I do.
I’ll never leave my God-fear husband.
I too, was a child once.

I’ve killed a dozen people, born and not,
for the sake of that nightmare dollar.
I don the mask of love, and speak death, but soft.
I learned my lines, but nothing more.
I too, was a child once.

I’ve been sold to a dozen men tonight,
for the profit of the child rapist Romeo.
Juliet escapes the only way she knows how.
I will know a different way.
I too, was a child once.

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