Hour 13: Tartuffe

Today he is wearing an eye patch
     because he has a lazy eye, he says
He is walking with a cane
     because he's afraid he might get a foot wound, he says
He is wearing a boot
     for the same reason
If this doesn't gain sympathy from the judge
     he will pull out the faith card
He is the god of the home, he will say
     and that gives him the right
     to force me to my knees and beg for forgiveness 
     if I run to Walmart without asking
     or forget to turn off the lights
     or want to waste money making my
     annual seven-hour drive to visit family
He is morally superior and I am not a Christian, he will say
     because around these parts
     white men are privileged in that way
For over thirty years I have watched
     as the world carves a large space for him
     because he is a physician
The court date draws near and I will see
     if he has succeeded once again

3 thoughts on “Hour 13: Tartuffe

  1. Your dark themed poems are gold. Obviously getting to this point in your life has brought its quota of pain, which has been challenging… but the small compensation is: you’ve got something to mine & you’re coming up with gold. Well done x

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