Hour 9: Outlaws

Hillbilly Elegy is so spot-on that I
          in my too-red, too-backwards, too-poor home state
                     have dog-eared it to smithereens and it is pock-marked
                                  with dozens of neon colored mini post-it notes.

Though I cling to the lifeboat that is
          my tribe of caregivers and community builders
                     I am drowning in a Sea of Trump with too many folks
                                  not willing to become vulnerable and talk.

The author J.D. Vance reminds me
          that there is a history here I cannot ignore
                     if I am going to continue to live in this rural southern place
                                  it is better to remember I am one of them.


3 thoughts on “Hour 9: Outlaws

    1. Thank you so much. I have a nonprofit that works to bring people in rural Arkansas together. I guess I am partly doing that work because it is hard for me to have patience with my own people. I’d much rather escape.

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