Love in the time of COVID – Hour 20

In his hand, my lover carries plants and fertilizer and growing things. That’s what I love about him; he is a force for good. His is sacred work, tending to gardens like a modern-day St. Francis, a steward of creation. Against the backdrop of global pandemics and uncertainty, he gently considers the sacredness of life as he constructs our Garden of Eden.

3 thoughts on “Love in the time of COVID – Hour 20

  1. Love the comparison to St. Francis. Very unique. I also always thought of his connection just to animals, rather than plants. SO, personally, this gave me a lot to ponder about and research myself. Thank you for that!

  2. Thank you. Last year, several of my poems were dark as I had struggled through a long abusive marriage and with an utterly devastating divorce. This year, I am in love – at almost 60 years old!!!! I am at an age where I just stand in awe.

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