Love in the time of COVID – Hour 23

If, in fact, we are staring into an abyss we will someday call the New Dawn of man,

it might be helpful to consider how we will construct such a new world order.

We would be wise to remind ourselves of what we have gone through

and to examine how we collectively bought into such a warped and unbalanced status quo in the first place.

Remember the outright lies we fed our children; ones that we suckled on and were also fed to our fathers:

you won’t be successful unless you earn a college degree; you have to win at all costs; beggars can’t be choosers;

if you give someone a free ride they’ll just want more; at least we are better than those people.

I think it would also be wise to strive for collaborative leadership wherever we can

and prayerfully consider restructuring our economy so that grossly saturated portfolios

are not automatically considered a mark of God’s favor but of irresponsibility and greed.

We’ve got to develop some cultural cajones and call out our wanton lust for money and power.

And nowhere in our new world should poverty and hunger be acceptable. Nowhere.

The Beatles sangĀ All we need is love. Well, maybe that sounds cheezy, and certainly that’s not ALL we need,

but it would be a freakin’ good start.

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