Who’s Talking Now?

You thought it was enough to bring home the bacon,

and that gave you the right to bark orders,

but, of course, you have found out different.


I was fortunate to be able to rise up and build me a life

without your knowing,

until the day the kids were gone, and then you noticed.


You turned from tyrant to groveling leech,

and you were surprised that didn’t move me,

and so you joined my church.


And I am forced to let you in, at the corners,

but I am leery because if I let my guard down,

you might pounce on me again, and I am no doormat.


You are afraid I will leave you

now that I am educated and confident,

and you are afraid of being alone, but I am not.


If there is hope, you have to learn to shut up and listen

for a long time

because I have to get up the nerve to scream.

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