I’m at the crossroads of time
My life is in flux and I need to choose a path
that will satisfy both my heart and mind
All I want is love, yet I hate to be smothered

I need a playmate lover
One that will come over when I call
and laugh at my jokes or read my books
and then have a long discussion

When I’m tired I’ll kiss him on the cheek
and send him home for dinner
I’ll curl up and check my emails and play
with kitty or make witty remarks on Facebook

When I get that feeling, I’ll call him back
I’ll use him up and feel smothered again
I’ll send him home to his own bed
and I’ll curl up with kitty in mine

But then the feelings start to come
Jealousy if I think I’m not your only one
Same old conundrum that I face each day
I want a lover to stay, but also to go away

© Diane Morinich
All Rights Reserved

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