Living with the Heat

The anger sometimes
Is too much to take
Most times it’s simmering
Just beneath the surface
But sometimes
Only sometimes
When I can’t take any more
It’s like an erupting volcano

On those days
When he goes too far
When the humiliation is too great
I just wish I could go nuclear
I know though
That I would be the one burned
The heat and flames
Adding to my scars

So I keep it contained
Careful to bite my tongue
Taking deep breaths
And choking back the rage
I release it slowly
Like steam escaping a kettle
Meditation keeps me sane
Prayer grounds me in Truth

Anger and rage
Are not who I am
It’s just that sometimes
When living with a man
So filled up with it
Some spills over
And I can’t help beingĀ it
If some of it gets all over me.

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