Days of Youth

  1. As a young child in the mountains
    The snow was falling at night
    One night my father woke me up
    To see a glorious sight.
    A majestic, white snow owl
    Was resting on the well
    We watched it for awhile
    Until it flew off and broke the spell.

2. Later in my childhood
Alabama we chose to call home.
Instead of snow we had sand
And wildlife liked to roam.
One day while I was out playing
My mother suddenly called to me
She had seen a red fox nearby
She thought it would eat me up with glee.

3. I grew a little older
To the beach I would go
I’d always end up sunburned
Lathered up with aloe.
My friends and I would walk around
Trying to be so cool
When in reality we were burning up
Would have to jump into the pool.

4. In my teenage years
I became awkward, very shy
I couldn’t even walk past folks
And look them in the eye.
I fumbled through the classrooms
I marched with the band
I finally graduated
Was sent out into the land.

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