Introducing Myself for 2019

My name is Deanna and I live near Calgary, Alberta in Canada. I spent most of my life in southern Alabama in the US, but moved here almost 4 years ago. At the last Poetry Marathon I was in school, working on a diploma in Disability Studies. A year ago I graduated! It was quite the accomplishment seeing that I finished my last class on my 48th birthday. I am now working at a preschool/kindergarten for children with special needs as a child development aide. I love what I do and I am so incredibly happy to be doing it. Not many people get the chance to re-invent themselves at my age!

I am married and I have two grown sons, a daughter in law, two granddaughters, two granddogs, a grandcat, and a grandhamster named Chatter. Not to mention I have my own dog and two cats who live with me. My husband and my pup will be there to help me get through the 24 hours of the marathon. They were both a very big help the last time.

I am truly looking forward to challenging myself once more and happy that I know more of what to expect. I cannot wait to connect with everyone else who is doing this and it is going to be an amazing and exhausting amount of fun!


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