I was listening to ‘Murder in the Red Barn’ by Tom Waits

When the air gets stale and musty
in the swamp of late July
The cicadas scream all day
at night the possums start to cry

The old man’s drunk and mad again
killing in self-defense is not a crime
It’s too damn hot to tolerate this shit
he smacked her one too many times

She might be getting on in years
but she’s a woman of many faces
He owes a lot of money
And she’s known men in strong places

She knows she’s in the old man’s will
She knows the first name of the county clerk
She knows where old man keeps the axes
She knows what time he gets off work

The rats grew bored of stealing cheese
and ganged up on a mouse
And the lady of the home
is stuck inside this house

eh you get the idea

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