Season of the Bitch

When her friends stopped visiting,

    When her family stopped calling. 


When he went inside another woman and she was still breastfeeding his baby.

     When a wild dog kept breaking into the yard, stiff and growling, 

                                                              but no one came to help.


When the baby started teething.

   When the toddler started rebelling.


           When she left the magical trees

              When she gave the landlord the keys.


                                  She stopped caring.

                                   She started surviving.


She stopped visiting.

She stopped messaging.

She stopped calling.

She stopped loving.

She stopped smiling.

She stopped tasting food.


                                    She left the summer rats

                                     the baby scorpions

                                     the snakes and hungry roadrunners

                                     the lazy people, the angry people


No more parties

No more tagging pictures

No more play dates

No more Mom’s Nights Out

No more bullshit.


                                         You got to pick up every stitch

                                          Oh no, must be the Season of the Bitch.



Hour 7, Prompt 7

6 thoughts on “Season of the Bitch

  1. I like the power and directness evoked by the repeated sentence structures. The progression of the poem takes us from what happens to her, to what she decide to how she takes her power. I really like this poem and spent some time with it.

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