Hour 7: The Bop – Normal

The Bop – Normal


Sleepless nights

followed by long days

inside all of the time

not enough money

and no time to work for it

always busy, exhausted…


…this is just my normal life.


Pandemic, just another reason

to stay inside is a life-style choice

with only one option, never your own

but still you go on, because someone has to

you work for free, doing what you can’t afford to pay

to reach an early grave, beside

the ones you love, who are your world

until they drift through your hands like hot sand…


…this is just my normal life.


Asking for help that can’t be given

accepting truth, instead of trust

praying for forever

but knowing one day

one day…

…it will just be you.


This is just my normal life.



Poem 7 of 24, written for the 24hr ‘Poetry Marathon’ 2021 by DS Coremans


Forever Distracted by Life


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