Cinquain – Helios

Prompt 20, Hour 20

Because it’s probably very dark out right now for most of the participants, the prompt for this hour is to write a poem involving light of any kind, from the sun, to a lamp to a candle.


Cinquain – Helios

bright and brilliant
rising over the world
Helios; the bringer of dawn
and light.

Poem 20 of 24, written for the 24hr Poetry Marathon 2020 by DS Coremans – Forever Distracted by Life

2 thoughts on “Cinquain – Helios

  1. Your use of form is so strong – and this poem is compact, yet full of energy. The alliterative ‘b’s work perfectly, as do the slightly longer words with softer ‘o’ sounds as the poem progresses – giving a clear image of the rising sun. I think it’s more powerful , too, because you call it Helios. That brings a sense of grander celebration of its arrival.

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