Free Verse – A Word I Will Not Say

Prompt 16, Hour 16

Write a poem about love, without ever using the word love in it.


Free Verse – A Word I Will Not Say


I said it;
long before him.
An accident,
words I did not mean
to say.

Just three little words;
one word too many,
too easy to hear
but not acknowledge.

Long after
we were through,
I still recall
the words
you could not say
to me.


I said it,
at first quietly
then loud enough
for you to hear.

To my surprise
you said the words
without hesitation,
like an echo
with no substance.

You said the words
often enough for me
to believe them
at first.

After a while
the repetition
became monotonous
like our time together.


You said the words
after merely hours
together; in my company
you used those words
to woo me.

But now
when I hear them
I am cold;
for those words
sound empty.

Four letters
too many,
to say
to anyone else.

Poem 16 of 24, written for the 24hr Poetry Marathon 2020 by DS Coremans – Forever Distracted by Life

2 thoughts on “Free Verse – A Word I Will Not Say

    1. I hope I figure out the ending at some point. I think a final stanza may yet be missing, but I may have to wait until I find the Browning to my Barrett until I know what those words may be. =)

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