Free Verse – My Ideal Day

Prompt 6, Hour 6

Write about your ideal day using only imagery and sensory details. It is fine if it is fragmentary.


Free Verse – My Ideal Day


My ideal day begins

slow, cool air
trickles in tracks
through open windows
forcing out, humid air
and dawn.

The percolator gurgles;
the only sound to hear
like the world is on mute
I listen to silence.

The trickle has become
a splash; a cascade
of coffee, the aroma
has filled the now fresh air.

Bleary eyes see little
of the darkness; inside my cup
which fills me, a tank
in need of fuel.

I feel only the clothes on my skin
which drape like finery
aesthetic over comfort.

My loneliness continues
until the dregs disappear
like rain, when I fall
I am refreshed.

Before the ground absorbs me
I am nature; I grow
not by choice, but design
until I become
what I was meant to be.

A white rose,
protected by thorns;
I draw blood
from those who hold me
close; but worth it
when I bloom.

Poem 6 of 24, written for the 24hr Poetry Marathon 2020 by DS Coremans – Forever Distracted by Life

3 thoughts on “Free Verse – My Ideal Day

  1. I loved the movement of this poem…the alliteration, internal rhyming and description…all made the poem that much more vivid. The last two stanzas are very impactful! Beautiful work! “…Before the ground absorbs me/I am nature; I grow/not by choice, but design…” Lovely!

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