Free Verse (Recipe Poem) – Recipe for Love

Hour 2, Prompt 2

Recipe Poem contributed by Jennifer Faylor

Choose something unrelated to food to create a recipe for––joy, a winter holiday, or an ideal lover, anything goes. Make a list of five “ingredients” for your poem. For example:

Recipe for Averting Disaster

1. Optimism

2. Pine needles

3. Frost on the road

4. Distraction

5. CliffMake at least one ingredient an emotion. Ingredient #1 is the star ingredient, mix it well throughout. Add in #2-4 in smaller doses. Sparingly incorporate #5. Set a 10-min timer and freely write. Refer back to your ingredient list as needed, including them all before the timer is up.


A Recipe For Love

  1. Yourself
  2. Mistakes
  3. Lessons
  4. Understanding
  5. Forgiveness

#1 – Yourself

Perhaps the most important ingredient in this recipe is you. Yes you. The reader of this recipe.

Some will tell you that you have too much self; or not enough. Some will say that the self you have is too light, too dark, too tall, too short, too rich or not rich enough. Don’t listen. The self you have is fine, you’ve grown it well and I promise it is perfect.

#2 – Mistakes

My darlings, you are going to make mistakes. You are going to make a lot of them. Over and over and over again; in an abundance that will quickly overwhelm you if you let them.

Instead let you mistakes marinate for a while in a little time, and a lot of distance. When you are ready give them a once over, you’re checking for the most tender spots – these bits are much easier to open up, prick them with a fork if you have too, and watch as they shrink down into…

#3 – Lessons

Once your mistakes are small enough you will see them for what they are instead of what they once were. They are much easier to use in this new form: lessons.

#4 – Understanding

Lessons are not useful in their natural form.

To prepare, first tear the leaves off, expose the flesh, then break the fruit down into manageable pieces. Try not to lose the smallest bits, but some will invariably slip away as the lessons are broken down. Try to retain the majority and don’t worry about the bits you leave behind.

The pieces you do manage to collect should be boiled down and set aside for later.

#5 Forgiveness

You’ve come a long way, and I am as proud of you now as you should be yourself. Just stop…and look at how far you have come. To those of you still hung up on step number 2…and I know that you are there.

Do you still have your boiled down lessons? Good, that pulp at the bottom of the pot is understanding. With it you can begin to shape it into the last step. Forgiveness.

Put back together you may see the shape of the mistakes, but the lessons have been broken down and now that you have your understanding you can see past your mistakes to the things you gained as a result.

You are here, now and perfect as you are. Accept the forgiveness you offer yourself and you have love. Love given from you to you, can take a while to cook, but it’s always worth the wait to get it right.

Poem 1 of 24, written for the 24hr Poetry Marathon 2020 by DS Coremans – Forever Distracted by Life

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